Calibre/Item: 12G
Make: A Mastereela
Model: Double barrel
Barrel Length: 30 inches
Serial No: 16727
Condition: Very Good
Price: $495
Advertised: 26/11/2020
Licence number: 411774140
Phone: 0427 224 037
Comment: Made in Liege, this is one of your classic Belgian double-barrel shotguns, with hammers, twin triggers and 3 inch barrels. It only shows its age by the faded bluing and dulled timber, because otherwise this old gun is in excellent condition in terms of its working parts. The action is tight and closes crisply, the hammers fall with purposeful intent and the triggers let off very crisply. Given its undamaged condition, it would clean up perfectly if you were so inclined. Marked "tested for smokeless powder", so it will handle all but the heavy modern loads. More pics on our website. It's a superb field gun for the traditionalist.
Transfering dealer: Mudgee Firearms 98 Mortimer St Mudgee NSW
State: NSW
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