Calibre/Item: 270W
Make: Styer
Model: GK
Action: Bolt repeater
Scope: Kahles S2 3-9X
Serial No: 43821
Condition: Very Good
Price: $2600
Advertised: 30/11/2020
Licence number: 60793870f
Phone: 0427561953
Comment: Hi here’s a great example of hand made rifle. It a 1964 Steyr Mannlicher with its Kahles scope a Helia 39S2 it a 9X power. The scope is removed with a push of a button so you can use the open sights. The bluing is all most perfect. The stock has had a repair under the bolt and has two bite marks on left.
Transfering dealer: Recoil Firearms Vic
State: VIC
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