Calibre/Item: Barrelled action 308W
Make: Howa
Model: 1500
Action: Bolt repeater
Serial No: B438975
Condition: Excellent
Price: $550
Advertised: 12/12/2020
Licence number: 26549320
Phone: 0428440026
Comment: Selling my Howa 1500 308 Barrelled Action. Was bought as a project rifle to do up in an MDT stock but rarely fired it (has only shot 180 rounds) and it´s now taking up space in the safe and moved the stock onto another rifle.

Has the following specs;

Howa 1500 Short Action
24" Heavy Contour Barrel 1:10 twist, 0.825" @ the muzzle (no threads)
20MOA Picatinny Rail
Tuned factory HACT trigger (breaks @ 1.5 pounds)
Standard factory bottom metal

Comes with 160 once fired match prepped Federal Premium 308 brass (the rounds that were put through this) as well as a Lowey bolt carrier ($65 on it´s own from Rebel).

Borescope and other photos can be supplied upon request.
Transfering dealer: Pagan Firearms 3/40 Anne St Aitkenvale, Qld
State: QLD
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