Calibre/Item: 270W
Make: Mauser
Model: 66
Action: Bolt
Scope: EAW Pivot Mount
Serial No: SG53641
Condition: Very Good
Price: $3200
Advertised: 16/12/2020
Licence number: 408-932-61B
Phone: 0431450250
Comment: This is a premium European switch barrel hunting rifle which is no longer made. You can feel the quality holding it in your hand. It has a 24” barrel but it’s actually. shorter OAL length than a rifle with a normal 22” barrel sporter. It has the desirable European stock with a double line cheek-piece. It’s fitted with EAW Pivot Mount which will accommodate a 1” or 26mm tube scope. I have clocked Federal 130g factory ammo at 3000 fps. It has one of the best triggers I have used. Regretful sell. Call Peter 0431450250
Transfering dealer: Melbourne Gun Works, Tullamarine VIC
State: VIC
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