Calibre/Item: 8mm
Make: 98k
Model: 29/40
Action: Bolt repeater
Serial No: 1095C
Condition: Good
Price: $9500
Advertised: 24/12/2020
Licence number: 503-120-70f
Phone: 03 5356 9129 only 12-2pm weekdays
Comment: Paratroop issue 98k called 29/40 at the start of the war. Goering was not getting access to frontline weapons for his growing field divisions with preference given to army and other victorious units. On capturing Poland he saw an opportunity in taking over weapons manufacture for his paratroop and field divisions and the 29/40 came about being W29 for the polish version of 98k and 40 for year of introduction. These are seldom encountered in fact one noted USA reference says only three known but with guns coming from central European sources more have shown up but still a rare bird. Gun i suspect came from such a source and has some refurbishment ie bolt has a heavy black finish and electric pencil mark's

Breach and barrel heavily marked with numbers and eagles etc and chamber with maker 660 and date 1940 and side 29/40 gun. Comes with sling cleaning rod and sight hood and although a worker these things are old and no warranty for use is given. It is sold as a historical specimen of rare German paratrooper arm that will match a Japanese one i have listed to make a rare set of axis para weapons.
Transfering dealer: Military Museum Services, P.O Box 38, Landsborough Vic
State: VIC
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