Calibre/Item: Barrel 22LR
Make: KIDD
Model: Charger
Barrel Length: 10 inches
Condition: New
Price: $328
Advertised: 21/01/2021
Licence number: 81606810F
Phone: 0412 162 068
Comment: The 10? KIDD stainless steel aftermarket pistol barrel weighs 2 pounds. This barrel is used to replace the factory barrel with a .920 diameter bull barrel for increased accuracy and fun. We believe these are the finest barrels on the market, each one is hand lapped. Our stainless steel barrel is bored and rifled by Lothar Walther in Germany. Tony Kidd then performs all the final machining to make our match barrel a worthy KIDD product. A proprietary chamber reamer is used to ensure the cartridge and bullet feed smoothly. Our barrels are chambered to accept .22 ammo and have a 1:16 twist. Postage extra. .920 Bull barrel 10 inch barrel. Non threaded barrel, bead blasted finihs
Transfering dealer: Single Hit Armaments Vic
State: VIC
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