Calibre/Item: Replica 357 Magnum
Make: Kokusai
Model: S&W 19
Serial No: N/A - replica
Condition: Good
Price: $380
Advertised: 3/02/2021
Licence number: 753-723-30L
Phone: 0439387356
Comment: Pictured non firing replica (imitation) S&W Mode 19 357 Magnum made by Kokusai of Japan. This rare Japanese model gun is in very condition for a 50+ year old, collectable as per image with wear and tear to the finish and thus priced accordingly. Action is silky smooth. Cocks clicks and cylinder swings open when released. These Japanese imitations are highly sought after by collectors and film armourers alike due to their extremely high quality. Held under a GIC exemption in Vic. Sale will be subject to buyers states legislation and regulations for imitation firearms. No licence or permit required in QLD/WA but must be 18+. More pictures available upon request. Text enquiries preferred.
Transfering dealer: Buyers nominee if required
State: VIC
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