Calibre/Item: Bayonet
Make: Elkington
Model: No.7
Condition: Very Good
Price: $495
Advertised: 7/02/2021
Licence number: 10123183
Phone: 0418498380
Comment: Rare Elkington BAYONET No.7 For Enfield No.4 Rifle. This is a British No 7 Bayonet produced for the Enfield No.4 Rifle 303 Rifle. It was produced some time between 1945 and 1948. These bayonets were a replacement for the No.4 Spike bayonet but due to their complexity with the swivel socket, poor field performance and excessive cost to produce it was soon replaced with the No.9 blade bayonet.
This is the rarest of the No.7 bayonets. Elkington only produced 20,000 bayonets out of a total production by all manufacturers of 176,000. The bayonet is marked with the Elkington Dispersal Code M78 and is in very good condition.
Many more photos available.
State: QLD
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