Calibre/Item: 303
Make: BSA
Model: No.I Mk.III* 1917
Action: Bolt repeater
Scope: AOC Pattern 1918
Serial No: 42142
Condition: Very Good
Price: $12750
Advertised: 21/02/2021
Licence number: 409664945
Phone: 0493057875
Comment: Genuine Lithgow HT Sniper with complete sniper kit. All items are genuine Defence/issue marked. Scope is very clear. Kit includes scope lens covers and travel case, Kershaw binoculars and case, TG Co MKIII prismatic compass and pouch, BC&Co TEL.SCT.REG.MKIIs and case, GSMKII service pocket watch, clasp knife, pull through, oil bottle, bandolier and clips, Action cover, Muzzle cover, 303 Ammo box, excellent Owen bayonet with scabbard.
Transfering dealer: Cowboy Guns and Gear Cowra NSW
State: NSW
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