Calibre/Item: 30-06
Make: Springfield Armoury
Model: 1903
Action: Bolt Repeater
Scope: Open Sights
Serial No: 179238
Condition: Excellent
Price: $1500
Advertised: 13/02/2021
Licence number: 10016154
Phone: 0413633581
Comment: Here is my 1903 Springfield Armoury. Complete rebuild. It has a brand new match grade barrel with only approximately 80 rounds fired through it and has a brand new American walnut stock. Comes with a sight hood and reproduction sling. Shoots great and cycles very well. Slight crack in the tang but an easy fix. Ideal for collectors, service matches or something different to take out hunting. Buyer to pay transfer fee.
Transfering dealer: Beaton Firearms
State: WA
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