Calibre/Item: Bore Sighter
Make: Straight Shooter
Model: Hunting-Bench Rest Shooting
Condition: New
Price: $100
Advertised: 11/04/2019
Licence number: 410409028
Phone: 0418 411 765
Comment: This Boresighter makes sighting in any gun much easier by aligning a scope's reticle with the barrel, getting you on paper before you even get to the range. It comes with 15 arbors for use with rifles. Works for 177 pellet guns (not for 17 rimfire or centerfire barrels) all the way up to 50 caliber. Includes a protective hard plastic case. Will help you get on paper without wasting shots. .177 Arbor, .22 Arbor, 6mm Arbor, .25 Arbor, 6.5 mm Arbor, .27 Arbor, 7 mm Arbor, 30 Arbor, .32 Arbor, .338 Arbor, .35 Arbor, .375 Arbor, .44 Arbor, .45 Arbor, .50 Arbor. Shotgun Arbor.(Fits 10 gauge, 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge. Will NOT fit .410 Shotguns.) All packages in heavy duty hard case.
Price includes postage Australia wide.
Transfering dealer: Straight Shooter Firearms, Salamander Bay NSW
State: NSW
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