Calibre/Item: Pen
Make: Hardcore
Model: TWI-01 Tactical
Condition: New
Price: $55
Advertised: 6/07/2019
Licence number: 805-308-90F
Phone: 0418 344 987
Comment: Hardcore Tactical field pen. Water proof, black anodised 155mm long, 38gm weight. Features a dome shaped crown constructed from high-grade stainless steel and at the opposing end we have incorporated a pointed tip for sensitive investigative work. The entire shaft of the pen is constructed from 6000 series, non-reflective black anodized aluminium for extreme longevity and wearability. The TWI01 includes a series of O-rings making it completely waterproof when the cap is screwed down over the writing tip. Knurling along the pen aids a positive grip. When it comes time to replacing the refill the TWI01 will accept standard Parker and Fisher Space Pen refills and we have found these refills to offer superior performance
Transfering dealer: Cerberus Global P/L Vic
State: VIC
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