Calibre/Item: 9mm P.A.K Blank
Make: Ekol
Model: ASI
Action: Select Fire
Serial No: 108
Condition: Excellent
Price: $1250
Advertised: 23/05/2019
Licence number: 400-302-90F
Phone: 0419 119 613
Comment: No PTA required in Victoria. A rare opportunity to own a select fire, fully automatic blank firing imitation pistol with a 26 round magazine. Can be purchased with a Collectors Club Membership or Prohibited Weapons Approval in Victoria. All other states please check your own state regs. All other states will only be sent to a licensed firearms dealer for collection. Awesome for any collection and film work. Not permitted in WA, only for Victorian sales. Not for sale in WA. Only for Vic collectors.
Transfering dealer: Digger Tactical PO Box 11228 Frankston Centre Vic
State: VIC
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